Classified Ad Posting Service
Net Marketing Plans ad Submitter service is one of the easiest web promotion services we offer. It was designed for the new Business in mind.

It was developed to offer Business owners the ability to promote their websites to the ever increasing number of search engines and free ad sites on the internet.

Classified ads are not only a great way to promote your business, but an excellent source of traffic and backlinks.

Using Classified Ads for SEO and Link Building
This form of advertising can help you gain exposure for your business and promote your website to the target audience. The most important benefits of classified ads for SEO and link building are:

Cost effectiveness
Increased traffic
Increased sales
Real time results
Mass management
Higher search engine rankings
Increased visibility on the Internet
Generate sales leads

When writing an ad, you can create anchor text for the keywords that you wish to target. If you have an online store, then adding your website address to your ad will encourage readers to visit your site and check out the other products that you are selling. This strategy can help you get relevant backlinks from high trafficked websites. You will see the first results within hours.

Business owners can use classified ads to introduce new products and services, generate targeted traffic, and improve their search engine rankings. After posting ads on several websites, you can easily find out which ad is converting the most. In order to succeed, you need to include relevant content in your advert so that search engines understand what your website is about.


Submitting Services
Databases Available

USA Database

Canada-New Zealand-Australia Combo Database

Asia Database

Europe Database

Middle East & Africa Combo Database

South America -Central America & Latin America Combo Database

State City USA Database

USA2 Database


USA Database:

85 + Search Engines

250+ Web Directories

80+ ffa sites

50+ Message boards and Forums

550+ Classified ad sites

500,000+ Networked Sites



USA2 Database

325+ sites and growing

State City Database:

475+ Sites

Price: $50.00

Asia Database:

425+ Sites


Europe Database:

475+ Sites


Canada New Zealand Australia Combo Database:

325+ Sites

Price: $40.00

Middle East Africa Combo Database

450+ Sites


South America Latin America Central America Combo Database:

450+ Sites

Price: $40.00

Available Databases

SPECIAL submitting service to all data bases, ONLY $275.00

3 month submitting to both USA Data Bases $200.00

6 month submitting to both USA Data Bases $325.00

12 months submitting to both USA Data Bases $525.00

Get FREE submitting to our State City Database with any of our monthly submitting service.

NOTE: To avoid all the auto responder email coming to your main email address we suggest you get separate email address for this service. If you don't know where to get one, ask us and we will tell you or set one up for you.



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